Services offered

The first thing to do is take advantage of a free scheduled consultation which is done over the phone and normally takes around 20 minutes. We discuss your current situation, and what you would like by answering some questions enabling me to advise the best plan forward for you, as well as the various options and fees involved.

Not only will the consultation give you a feel of how we can work together, but also provide a clear idea of what we can accomplish over the agreed sessions to positively support and nurture you along the way.

Face to face sessions

Face to face sessions last 90 minutes, for availability please contact Denis via telephone or e-mail.

Telephone sessions

This may be the right choice for you if you work long hours or live far away, all calls are scheduled for your convenience and last 60 minutes. either by normal services within the UK, or Skype for international calls.

Free e mail support

It’s those in between moments that can catch us out and make us feel particularly vulnerable and therefore, I offer e-mail support between sessions when required.

Booking deposit.

IF for any reason you are unsure of which service you require but would like to secure a confirmed booking you can do so within the shop area.

Telephone:+44 (0)20 8288 1118
Mobile:+(44) 07930 361 805