Who are you behind the wheel?

Driving a car is like watching a movie, with lots of visual and audible triggers that can have an emotional effect on us, often moving us from one mood to another.

Does your driving behaviour cause ......

  • anxiety?
  • fear?
  • stress?
  • anger?
  • avoidance strategies?

How do the following words affect you?

  • roundabout, motorway, parking, traffic, driving!

Any negative emotions can, and do, inhibit possibilities.

Your driving behaviour issue is my opportunity to introduce you to EFT and NLP and help you to overcome your driving challenges.

I believe between us we can turn the corner towards a more enjoyable and flowing experience on the road.

I am currently working on a ‘Help yourself to better driving e book’, and will also provide online support and a newsletter for the very near future.

Never drive faster than your guardian angel can fly.