Success Stories

“After 10 years of secretly being on drugs I felt stuck and at my lowest. I had to change my life. Denis was highly recommended and after just 3 weeks of working with me, my life began to turn around. Three years on, I have not returned to any bad habits and have never felt this good in every way. I would recommend Denis to anybody who wants to move forward with their lives.”
D.S, Woking
“I went to see Denis whilst I was going through a period of frustration with work that was grinding me down. After my sessions I always found that not only was I less wound up but my mind was more opened and focussed towards the good things that exist in my life. I have no hesitation in recommending Denis and his service to others.”
Financial Advisor, London
“Your EFT and NLP coaching sessions have made a dramatic difference to all areas of my life and those I specifically needed to pay attention to. It is a very gentle therapy and yet powerful in that it transforms everything you ever desire and more without having to undertake complex and stressful measures. However, I would say commitment and trust are the two main attributes that need to be in place to do this on either side. It is very refreshing to meet someone like yourself with a sense of humour and down to earth approach which has helped me a lot and would show no hesitation on not only recommending you as a coach/therapist. I am going to miss your cheerful antidotes and positive attitude which are infectious.”
V.B, Surrey
“Denis thanks for your help with EFT. I have really noticed the difference with my driving as I am so much calmer.”
L.S, Richmond
“For no apparent reason I aquired claustrophobia all of a sudden after a trauma to my back. My treatment included having several MRI scans which, in short, caused me great stress, sleepless nights and panic attacks. After only one session with Denis I was, and still am, able to deal with subsequent MRI scans and treatment without batting an eyelid. I don’t know why EFT works – it just does!”
J.P, General Manager SpringHealth Leisure ltd.
“I had one EFT session with Denis whilst at work. To begin with I have always been quite a sceptical type when it come to things like this however, as I suffer with stress induced eczema and never really relax, I had nothing to loose. Within half an hour of working with Denis my shoulders had dropped about 6 inches, I was so calm that within 48 hours my eczema cleared and still hasn’t returned within the weeks following. I was totally blown away by the session and would highly recommend Denis and his tools to anyone who suffers from stress! I have never been so relaxed and calm.”
Hannah, RACC
“In the session you helped me to focus on the negatives and change these into positive points, the breathing techniques helped me to relax and following the session I felt like I had done a series of Yoga lessons. A month later and the chakra techniques are still working, I will be back.”
Jo, Twickenham
“Since my tapping session with Denis in 2007, my Christmas experience, which for years created a feeling of dread and stress, now amazingly leads to thoughts of tolerance. My ability to respond to situations, tasks and events with positivity is a result! Denis puts you at ease and works his magic. I still don’t know how it works but it does!”
Laureen Bishop, Fitness and Pilates instructor

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