Working with Denis has helped me in both my professional and personal life.
by Alex Reid

Fighting career

It is important to remain centred, calm and focussed for any fight and this was particularly the case in 2009 when I had to fight Jack Mason for the UK1 Kickboxing middleweight title, as there were distractions all around me at the time. Denis worked his magic and within a few sessions I was feeling the difference. The feedback I was getting from my fighting circles confirmed that I was more than ready. We worked with some very powerful visualisations and also drew from meaningful past positive experiences.

When an athlete gets to a certain level it’s not then just physical but psychological. Denis has helped and showed me how to focus solely on my sport endeavours, and to convert any problems using them as energy tools to empower me elsewhere. Our work goes beyond fighting. In fact it’s like a metaphor for what I have been doing, which sometimes feels like fighting for my survival.

I understand that growth is uncomfortable in the initial stages, Denis’s understanding and coaching has allowed these growing pains to become manageable by aligning me to where I want to be.

If you want bigger stronger muscles and decide to do it on your own, you may well get there. If you want to do it right, you hire a coach to train you. I highly believe in finding the right people in helping you get what you want , and Denis will definitely help you with whatever YOU want to align with.


Wow! I think Denis’s grasp of NLP and EFT is great, whereas I have come across NLP before, EFT is new to me and I love it! The way Denis connects with me by asking just the right questions (like hitting the nail on the head) enables the session to be effective immediately. My advice is, if you’ve got limiting beliefs or things that hold you back, e.g if there’s something you don’t feel confident about or want to change the way you feel about something, EFT is the tool.

With fighting, your not only facing your demons, but facing someone who wants to actually do you some physical harm. That brings up a lot of issues that need dealing with and EFT can deal with those. I highly recommend EFT for any competitive sports. On a daily basis I find that I am more responsive than reactive now. Things no longer overwhelm me anymore and I sleep so much better. Denis inspires me to do better and keep going.

Alex’s personal life

Denis’s work has allowed me to not only be myself, but to cultivate my nature and be proud of who I am. I am eternally greatful for that because it’s so easy to get lost in everything that’s going on.

I’m pacing myself more and have a deeper connection with my partner because I feel more positive influences are rubbing off on her. Being centred and calm and dealing with things in the correct manner helps me, I feel more in the flow thanks to working with Denis.

He has also worked with me on goal setting and my purpose and although there are times when it really feels like work or going to the gym, I feel so much better for it afterwards.

If I need a coach in Martial Arts, then why not have a coach to help me think and feel better? Denis has certainly done that. I believe Denis can work with others at whatever their level may be, it’s almost like one size fit’s all.

I love Denis’s light heartedness and I feel totally comfortable in his presence, I can say as little or as much as want with Denis and the results are always great.

Celebrity Big Brother

Wow!!! The work with Denis has allowed me to be the real me in a way that is comfortable, curious, centred, responsive and not reactive. Without doubt Denis definitely helped me during my time in the Big Brother House.

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